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wcwendy, you've given me so much more information than I got from her doctor. Just got a general "well avoid this type of food and this type of food" and that is it.

Ok, so now I know I have to be super vigilant, and even on non-food products. Again, I would never have even thought to check chapsticks or toothpastes. Thank you for the tips about flour and dessert mixes. I will look for both of those out here. If I can't find them in a regular grocery store, I'll look into on-line ordering. I think she'll feel much better knowing that she can have some goodies and doesn't have to do without the "fun food" kids like to have from time to time.

This is more difficult than I had initially thought, but if we can find an acceptable way of eating then she can develop these eating habits now for the rest of her life. Since she already has a damaged esophagus at age 5, I'm hoping that we can stop future damage.
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