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I would examine the quality of what I was eating at this point.
You may have a food allergy or intolerance that hasn't been identified and is causing your body to not move on. Your body may need a rest from losing (while not gaining )
Your stress level (even the stress about the eating/exercise thing) could be holding you back too.
Our number goals don't mean a whole lot to the flesh we are trying to constrain.
Look at your overall health, how far you have come, give yourself some affirmation and time for peace. Your body gave up all those pounds and has worked hard.
Try a month at maintenance levels and examine how you could "clean up" the foods your choose? Give yourself permission to do that and just be content for a whole month, then go back to weight loss mode with some small improvement in your healthiness?
Find someone to love today, especially yourself.
Eat well and be well! Use your local farmacy! Do more YOGA!
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