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It's almost impossible to give any advise with absolute certainty, since even when we are given a lot of information about someone, we still don't really know what their life is like, etc.

The fact that you are at an already slim size with little still to lose and the fact that your body at 5'-8" has transformed itself down to a size 8 tells me that you're doing well and I think on track toward your goal. (And it is actually possible that 140 pounds will be a lower weight than is actually the best for you, although it is the correct *Rule of Thumb* weight of *Five pounds per inch of height above 5 feet/100 pounds*...

And the bit of weight gain when you added in the wii fit exercise was possibly a bit of added muscle fiber, which would weigh a bit more, but was probably only a bit of additional water weight, which seems to fill our muscle fibers after exercise. Most folks gain some weight from exercise, but it is OH, So Worth It as to how it makes your body LOOK.

Actually, I'd put my money on your body simply taking a bit of a break from weight loss as it was remoulding your form, and if you continue working your JUDDD plan, you will continue your weight loss, perhaps somewhat more slowly than you wish, but that it will continue.

And, I think you should be holding your UDs to about 1800 calories. I know that is a bit higher than you are eating now, but that's still where I would be at this time.

And then I'd do DDs at about 360 calories OR at about 450 calories OR at 500 calories... whichever you choose, which translates to fasting at the 20% level or the 25% level or just below the 30% level of your Up Day calories.

And I'd be pretty careful with my measuring of food, and careful with my counting of calories, and I'd just stick with it.

And then, if I didn't see weight loss continuing again after awhile, I'd revisit the issue. I really think your body is/was just taking a bit of a rest from weight loss but that it will resume.
Best wishes, Pat
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