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I originally was doing Atkins induction, but then I got stuck. Did that since 02/10, lost about 42 lbs doing that. Switched over to JUDDD last November. The first 8 lbs on JUDDD flew off, bringing me to my grand total of 50 lbs lost. My first calorie numbers were 2101/420 after the 2 week induction period. That was for mini goal weight of 155. At the end of December of last year, I got down to 157.4 and that's where it has stuck ever since. The 2101/420 calories were caluclated for moderate exercise because my hours at work were crazy in December, and my job is very physical. After the first of the year, I dropped them to 2047/409 for 155 lbs with moderate exercise. I noticed the scale not moving (I allowed time for TOM to pass before my calorie reducing) and after that with still no change, I dropped the calories to no to little exercise with the calculator, which was 1787/409. I followed that for awhile, got knocked off track for a few weeks where I ate like a horse without really counting on UD, but still strictly counted and occasionally fasted on DD's. Finally I got back on track by becoming really strict again. My weight dropped back down to my lowest. Before reducing my cals again, I got back into my wii fit by doing mostly yoga, but also some step aerobics and jogging. Believe it or not this made my weight INCREASE a little bit. So I stopped doing it as often till I figured out what the heck is going on. Finally in desperation I dropped my calories again by entering my goal weight of 140 into the JUDDD calculator with little to no exercise and got 1709/342. These are the calories I am going by currently. I count every day, making sure to eat up to my UD calories and sometimes not all the way up to DD calories. I have had problems with binging in the past, so I really have to be careful on DD's where I am HUNGRY, but I force myself to eat REALLLY slowly (taking at least a 1/2 hour to eat a Lean Cuisine meal or Lean Pocket) and drinking alot of water with it. I do this on UD's too to make sure I don't think I'm hungry when I'm actually not. I usually cut off my eating by 9 pm, depending on what time I get off work. Most of the time it's earlier than that though.

I am 34, 5'8" and my ultimate goal weight is 140. current weight is app. 158-159 (it is getting depressing to weigh myself anymore)
Yes, I have found I was getting baggy pants syndrome in some of my size 10's, so I was able to go down to a size 8.

I think I got everything you asked for there

Oh yes, carb level...almost forgot. Definitely not Atkins induction level. I try to stay moderate, meaning I don't really count carbs, but I still more or less try to avoid huge servings of pasta, bread and sugar. I might eat a sandwich on an UD, but not on the same day where I am planning pasta for dinner. I eat more yogurt and cottage cheese than I did on low carb though, but not more than 1/2 C of each on an UD.
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