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Congratulations on the wonderful weight loss you accomplished, and another Congratulations to you on the fact that you have maintained that loss for over two years. You are already far beyond what many are able to accomplish with their weight loss and maintenance!

I do indeed remember your presence here at LCF, as I've been here for many years myself, although I didn't remember health issues in the picture for you. I'm sorry for that. But I didn't post a lot for years.

Sorry about the additional loss of five pounds.. and I certainly understand how that can have a bearing on some medication doses.

I believe if it were me, and I wanted to stop losing and gain some weight back, while still continuing the JUDDD plan for it's health benefits, I'd tackle the problem from a couple of different angles.

First of all, is it necessary for you to hold your Down Days to the same days each week? Is there any way you could just do a straight rotation? That balances the number of UDs and DDs over the course of every two weeks, rather than having all of your weeks come out the same, which is a tiny speck beneficial in keeping the cycle going at its potential best. Then you could add calories to every UD to try to increase your weight a few pounds again.

If it is necessary/preferable for you to keep your DDs the same each week, then I'd make that MD into a full UD, and I'd add some calories to all UDs as well, until you are gaining a bit. You will have to do the balancing game until you have it all balancing well.

The one thing about JUDDD is that after you follow it for awhile, it really does work to heal you and normalize you, so while it is trying to bring you to a lower level of slenderness, you are going to have to fight it in order to remain a little bit heavier... and *fuller* in the face! Which is what I have chosen to do as well. I'm wrinkly enough already without losing more weight and seeing the wrinkles deepen any more than they already are!

But I did want to ask whether it might also be something more than just the simple loss of those 5 pounds that is causing the Coumadin dose to now be too much. Perhaps some healing has gone on inside of you, in the workings of your body, and you no longer need to have a dose that is quite as high as what you have been on previously. Maybe worth talking with your doctor about this. Possibly when you gain the 5 pounds back and are seeing their return in your face, perhaps the Coumadin dose will still be incorrect for you because you will be *working better* internally.

You have proof that JUDDD is truly working on healing and normalizing you within. Those inflammation markers didn't just come down by themselves, so you want to continue with the JUDDD cycle for sure.

For myself, I'd try to stick to the 1000 calories for Down Days, skip the Medium Days completely, and bring my Up Days up by a few/several hundred calories each day and see if I could gain a few pounds back again. If that wasn't enough, I'd add another 100 or 200 to my DDs as well, but that would be as a last resort, as I really think much of the JUDDD *magic* is from the nice big spread between DD and UD calorie numbers.

Do you eat low carb? Or *regular*...? If you are low carb, at what level? If you could give a little more information on your food plan / food choices, that might bring some ideas to mind to help you as well.
Best wishes, Pat

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