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Hummm.... Swiss steak. I do it 2 ways and one can be LC. You could dip it in egg, roll it in plain, crushed pork rinds, season with seasoning salt and pepper and fry over med/low heat. Then make a LC gravy.....let me think as I don't really do LC. Almond Breeze won't work.....probably need something like Hood LC milk or thinned out HWC. Maybe take the grease you fried your steaks in and wisk in a bit of glucomannan, seasoning salt/pepper and HWC/water or a low carb milk and bring to a simmer until thick to make something like country fried steak. When I make swiss steak, I do the above but also saute onion and bell pepper, put it on top the browned steak and top with pureed stewed tomatoes but you could used crushed canned if you can take the carbs. Cover with a lid and simmer an hour. If you can take some carbs, thicken your gravy with flour and use thinned HWC for the country fried steak and simmer in crushed tomatoes for the swiss steak. I'm sure better LC cooks will chime in here. Even not being LC, I do like the crispness of pork rind coating.
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