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First of all, I would not take nutrition advice from a personal trainer--even if that individual has a degree in nutrition because most follow the textbooks which are all about low fat.

That said, I eat low carb and fairly low fat, and that seems to agree with my body. I'm 70, and I've read that older females often don't tolerate high fat well, and I find that's true for me. But I'm sure that's a YMMV situation.

My favorite low fat protein is shrimp and then ground turkey--with which I make burgers. I also use egg whites (rather than whole eggs) mainly because the yolks are inflammatory, and I control my severe arthritis with diet and exercise. The egg whites are high protein and low fat.

For red meat, I eat grass-fed bison, which is leaner than beef, although I tend to eat more fish than meat.

All white fish fillets--cod, flounder, tilapia--are good low fat protein sources. Even salmon, which is a 'fatty' fish is not high fat at all.
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