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Originally Posted by Planelman View Post
3 lb weights are not really going to do anything for you and the best time to start weight lifting is before you lose all the weight. Every pound you lose without weight training and eating enough protein is likely to be a large portion of muscle with any fat you lose. The idea is to maintain/gain muscle and lose fat. It will be much harder to gain muscle after you lose all the weight and gaining muscle also usually means gaining fat which you will want to lose afterward.

If all you have is 3lb weights then get creative and lift other heavy things, backpack filled with heavy books, gallon of water, etc. anything heavy enough to fatigue you after 10-12 reps, for 3-5 sets. Also do body weight exercises, pushups, squats, planks, etc. All great ways to build/maintain muscle without weights or a gym.

I would also cut back on cardio, it will likely lead to muscle loss instead of building muscle. Instead do sprints once a week, and just walk some in between lifting/body weight workouts.

If you're smart, you'll ditch the cardio and lift weights instead.


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