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Originally Posted by Sirtain View Post
I do not measure my calories on my Up Days. I imagine that some days I DO eat 3,000+ calories, though. I have been doing JUDDD for five months, and it has not affected my weight loss. I am still holding steady at about 1.25-1.5 pounds per week, as an AVERAGE.

My suggestion would be don't worry about your Up Day calories as long as you are still losing weight, but don't judge your weight loss by one day or week's numbers- look at the trend over several weeks. I DO have weeks where I bounce between the same two numbers before suddenly going down a few pounds. If I got discouraged, I might quit, when really it is just coming off in chunks, not shavings.

Also, beginning NEW exercise, can cause you to retain fluid for a week or two. Be prepared for that, and don't expect it to make a downward impact on your weight right away.

Good luck, Dnkibble, and welcome to JUDDD.

thank you so much!! It is helpful knowing that you didn't count and still had success as well! I feel much better knowing that ! I will see how the next two weeks go and some UD i will try to do the 1600 and some days i may go over. I wonder how many other Juddders go over on UD and still have lost weight...
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