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Originally Posted by jacquelinejolie View Post
Strength training will help. If you feel you look fatter than the scale shows, it's probably due to losing a bit of muscle with a fairly fast weight loss with what sounds like only cardio for activity?

The programs that I've done that I really like are New Rules of Lifting for Women, 5x5 / Stronglifts, Slow Burn and Body for Life. They're all easy for newbies to follow. Cathe Friedrich's STS program is fantastic but a little expensive. Lots of people enjoy Jillian Michaels, P90X, Insanity... But you aren't going to be building much muscle if you don't get enough protein in, including DD's.

I'm not sure why you aren't eating at maintenance levels... ?

I want to reach 115-118, so i don't want to maintain just yet on my dd i eat 300 sometimes under and in my UD i sometimes go over. And maybe you're right maybe i am losing muscle as well how do i get it back? Im planning on setting up my own routine at home until i get my membership back . Jogging 3 days, lifting 3 lbs weights everyday for arms and basic sit ups everyday. I just wanted to get rid of some weight before i started obsessing over exercise
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