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Two suggestions I need help with...

One is the Cream Cheese Clouds. I LOOOVE cream cheese so I figured this would work. So I have a blender. Would a blender work to mix the cream cheese and butter? Also, what kind of variations have you guys tried? I do have cocoa and vanilla extract.

I am trying to make my own "Frappaccinos" as well. Yesterday morning I did 8 oz of Almond milk, about 1/4 cup of heavy cream, sugar free hershey's syprup, unsweetened cocoa, instant coffee grinds and splenda.

I tried it without the cocoa and splenda and for some weird reason, the taste was super bitter! So I added the cocoa and splenda and it was more palatable but not great. Do you guys have any recommendations on how to make a pretty good "Mocha frap"?
Thank you guys!
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