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Originally Posted by oceania View Post
Definitely is interesting because I'm 6' taller than you but our weight and dress size kind of match up - I was wearing size 12 @ 200lbs and we're roughly the same weight now and I'm anywhere from a 6-8.
We are close in height and weight. I am 145 (ish) depending on the day and some of my 8s are baggy while some fit just right, my 6s are perfect, and I've even gotten into (but did not purchase) some 4s. I wear mostly medium tops, though depending on the brand I can go as large as XL.

I did not measure when I started, so I can't speak to the correlation. I was in 24-26 pants and 3X tops at around 280 pounds.

I'm fairly well proportioned, but do still have extra around my waist. I keep playing with the idea of losing another 10 pounds just to see if my waist would look better, but my arms and legs are perfect now, if not a little scrawny, and every pound I lose ages my face, so I'm still on the fence about that.

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