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Originally Posted by Librarygirl View Post
I've lost 36 lbs and can still wear the jeans I was wearing at 207 lbs! I can't imagine how I was wearing them then. I have gone down approximately 2 sizes from 18W to regular 16s in most pants and I have some 14s that are tight, but as I said I can still wear one pair of 18W jeans and they are snug fresh out of the dryer--tend to get baggy as the day goes on.
We're pretty much changing shape on the same scale. I have 1 pair of pants that I can still wear from "before" but technically they weren't from "before" since they were just a bit too tight to wear ever since I bought them. I did ditch a bunch of old stuff that didn't fit. But, saying that, there are some styles of size 8 that I can't yet wear so I'm not a solid 8 across the board yet.

Originally Posted by oceania View Post
I read some where you drop a size for every 10lbs lost. I went from a size 16/18 to 6/8 and lost about 80lbs so that ratio holds true for me but it's really tricky because dress sizes aren't standard...even when it's the same label/company!
Yes, this definitely does not hold true for me. But I also wonder if, again for me personally, my lack of dramatic size change comes from the fact that I was wearing a size 12 (tightly, but they were on) at nearly 200 pounds. It was going to take a lot of work to get down to a smaller size.

So interesting, isn't it?!

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