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Hi everyone. I am 67 yrs. old and have been trying to work on building my muscle to and strength also. I am just getting over having both my knees replace this last year and my legs was left with hardly no strength in them at all. because I went for yrs. with my knees hurting me so bad that I hardly did much walking at all, but now that they are feeling better I am trying to get out and walk some in our neighborhood. I know it will take time to build it up but i got the time. I was in theraphy with them for over six months and they made me walk and do all sorts of leg and knee exercises so I am trying to keep that up to.
Three yrs ago I fell and broke my left arm and did alot of nerve damage in it to so the muscle tone in my shoulder area is not what it should be either so after alot of rehab on it I also work on my shoulder area when I exercise.
I made one of my extra bedrooms into a gym with all my exercise equipment so I do not go to the gym. I just do the exercises they showed me to do in rehab when I went.
I have a treadmill, arm pullies on the wall for my arms, exercise bike, arm weight rack. I have all I need here right now to work with. I am doing my outside walking to...

What are you all doing to help build your muscle tone?
Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot rebuild muscle when you are older, mine is already beginning to build some, it may take us longer to rebuild it but it will happen if we stay with it.

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