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Originally Posted by reddarin View Post
Help me understand, when you transitioned from Paleo to NK did you change your calorie intake or just your macro composition?
I just upped the fat and lowered protein and kept carbs minimal.

Originally Posted by reddarin View Post
The way you describe your weight gain makes me think there is something other than NK macros and calorie level that happened although clearly there is a correlation.

This in particular:

"and heartburn from eating fat"

...sticks out. Did this happen over time or was it right from the start? If you had a meal of any sort that was very high fat would it cause heartburn?
Occurred and increased over the month of weight gain, was pretty bad by the end of the month, has diminished w/ my lower fat intake, and was related to the amount of fat consumed. I have never gotten heartburn from fat before.

Originally Posted by reddarin View Post
You mention that you have been GF/GF for years. Why? I mean was it something you read or do grains and gluten make you feel bad? Does anyone in the family have Celiac or Crohn's Disease?
Grains used to give me terrible heartburn, then for a while I had debilitating IBS type symptoms. But the pervasive brain fog was the worst. No grains, no symptoms. Yes, Crohn's Disease and lots of autoimmune and thyroid stuff in my family.

Originally Posted by reddarin View Post
You gained the weight within 30 days of going NK? Then maintained the gain for the last two months?
Yes, still holding steady at my high, feeling a little better everyday, no more heartburn. I was going to post a macros breakdown, but yesterday I only consumed 562 calories, mostly raw vegetables and fat. What's the point of posting that? I figure I'm resetting or something. I'm thrilled that both of my boys are doing so amazingly well and so I don't dwell on myself too much, tho I guess it would be wise to get some bloodwork.
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