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Originally Posted by tntne3 View Post
clueless, ref the drs recommending this, not one of my son's 4 previous neuros recommended it, in fact they all denegrated it. He failed 7 medications. After failure of the second medication, there is only 3% chance that another will work. I've known about the diet for seizure control for 8 years, but Ethan wasn't motivated to do it till last December. The craving for simple sugars was extremely strong for him. Thank goodness he is all in!!! You can't force this diet on anyone.

I am so grateful to you all for the support and kindness I'm feeling from you now. I'm motivated to continue, and just try to be a healthy as possible.

Congrats to you for finding the answer for your son. And congrats to your son for doing the hard work. Finding a cure for his seizures is amazing and wonderful!! And without the side effects of drugs!! This is so awesome and exciting!
There is a 4 yr old girl in our community going thru this. It is sad, Dr's are pushing meds of course.
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