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Thanks so much for the reply.

I'm 5' 7", small to medium frame, 46yo, and I have a very sedentary job, tho I walk to work and back and do yoga. I estimate my protein requirements at about 75-80g. No medical conditions.

I feel pretty good except for the discomfort from the belly. My belly is not so much bloated, but like a solid mass stuck to my front. It's bizarre. And now I get indigestion sometimes when I eat a lot fat.

I do all the supplementing that you suggest, also take ACV, probiotics, am consistantly in ketosis, have been grain-free/gluten-free for years.

One thing I haven't tried is giving up dairy. I will try it, starting tomorrow (just hwc in my coffee is all).

Thanks for mentioning the dairy's been on my list of things to try.

This diet has been life-changing for my family! I got my son back from the fog and depression, etc caused by pharmaceutical drugs, and a lifelong battle w/ seizures. Btw, the local neuro would not recommend this diet because he said "it is unhealthy, and it doesn't work, and he doesn't know anything about it anyway".

I totally believe this is how people everywhere should eat for health and optiimal brain function, so if I never lose a pound I'm cool w/ it.
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