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Originally Posted by tntne3 View Post
Long time lurker, and dabbler in low carb for over a decade, now on this diet w/ my 16yo son, who has epilepsy and is successfully treating his seizure disorder w/ this diet. It works! He is completely off his meds, which made him crazy, and has no seizures if he is in ketosis. I am so lucky that I found this forum!!! Reading all the posts here has helped tweak things so my son stays in ketosis (ie, learning about gluconeogenesis, which causes him to fall out of ketosis and have seizures, so now he avoids eating too much protein at one sitting), and has given me great ideas for interesting snacks and meals so he doesn't feel deprived. He has never looked or felt better. I am so grateful to you all! He is enrolled in a Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures at Childrens Hosp in Seattle and is being monitored by a nutritionist and neurologist.

My 11yo son volunteered to do the diet too, and loves it. Now that is amazing! Both boys keto-adapted easily.

I, however, didn't lose an ounce for a couple of months so I ramped up the fat to macros appropriate for NK, and gained 10lbs in one month. It happened so fast, and most of it abdominal fat, that I feel soooo uncomfortable and like there's a foreign object attached to my belly. And that was on 1200-1600 calories per day, 65-90% fat, <5% carbs, the rest protein. Now holding steady for a couple months at the highest weight of my life, but at least no longer gaining.

Do you think my metabolism was too damaged from a lifetime of abuse that I will never lose weight? There is no question that I will stick w/ this diet, as it is so important for my son and I have to support him in this.

Thank you all for forming this great community and for reading!
Hi there! Welcome to the boards... it's great to have you!

First off, I want to say that's FANTASTIC news about your son! Well done in getting that under control and going the extra mile to do that research... I honestly never knew that seizures could be ceased by sticking to a ketogenic diet. I'm really glad you guys found something that would work to keep him healthy that wouldn't affect his personality like that, because believe me... I know how pharmaceuticals are after being on enough of them in my life. If I can avoid them and find a more natural option, I advocate doing that as well!

As far as your weight loss/weight gain issues go... no, I definitely don't think your metabolism is just that badly shot that you can't lose weight anymore. Believe me... I was a yo-yo dieter to the max, and I have PCOS with insulin resistance AND hypothyroidism... and I can still lose. I think you're safe

First thing's first... how old are you, do you have any underlying medical conditions, and how tall are you? Age can play a factor in how quickly we lose weight, as can medical conditions obviously. I ask for your height so we can know an appropriate "ideal" weight for your size. I also urge you to find your frame size if you don't know what it is already by checking out the first couple posts on the monthly April thread. If we know your height and your frame size, we can easily figure out how many grams of protein are appropriate for your frame size

My first thought when I heard about how your belly is right now (the uncomfortable, almost bloated feeling) it sounded like how I was before I cut out wheat/gluten... but with those macros, I'm not sure you could be eating any. Are you eating any wheat or gluten products at all? Or anything with MSG or something sneaky like that in there? If you are, that would be my first suggestion is to cut those things out. Lots of us have issues with wheat/gluten!

My second thought is dairy. Do you ever have an inflammatory response from dairy? You may need to cut your intake down if you do.

Alternatively, have you ever tried drinking Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar in a tall glass of water? I drink 3 or 4 glasses a day, and this helps to keep excess water weight off as well as minimize bloating from sodium intake because I'm someone who's very prone to bloating. It has a whole bunch of other health benefits as well, INCLUDING the treatment of low stomach acid (a common problem in adults that causes dairy intolerance, occasional acid reflux, etc) so you may want to check that out too. As a woman, if you're still experiencing your monthly cycle it does help with that bloating too as well as cramping!

Check out this thread if you're interested in learning more about that:

And this one as well for some extra reading:

My next thought would be... do you take any supplements? If not, I highly recommend taking a good multi as well as magnesium (the BEST supplement there is, imo) as well as potassium (if you're not on BP meds!). All very very important to keeping our bodies running efficiently, especially on LC diets

My recommendation beyond that would be to try and keep your fat closer to the 80% mark, because when you're at 65% you're likely getting too much protein and when you're at 90% you may not be getting enough. But that "too much protein" could be kicking you out of ketosis! We'll know more when we know your height and frame size though, and be able to advise further on that.

Also, I would up your calories as well. I think you're eating at too large of a deficit to lose weight. Are you active at all, or sedentary? If you stuck to the upper tier of your calorie range (1600) daily you may see losses, but 1200 is FAR too small an amount for NK and likely why you've been having no luck too. I know it's scary when you're gaining weight to think about adding more calories, but believe me... at my size, when I was eating 1200-1300 calories a day every day, I couldn't lose ANYTHING. When I upped my calories to 1500-1600 I saw movement. Definitely give it a shot!

Reddarin will be able to advise you more closely on calories and give you a better estimate... I bet it'll be right around where I'm eating, or maybe even a little higher since I've got medical issues working against me. Calories still elude me somewhat, but he's a genius

Anyway, I hope some of that managed to help you out a little and hopefully we can help you some more to figure out what's going on! You can go ahead and post a sample menu if you want too so we can take a look at what you're eating on a typical day as well, but I think we'd get a pretty good idea of what's going on once we figure out your height/frame size and the right level of calories for you
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