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I'm going to completely disagree with Mimosa: I LOVE my keto-sticks, and I find them highly useful. HOWEVER, they are very VERY far from accurate. I'm also aware that I'm firmly in the minority on that score! lol The human body creates several kinds of ketone bodies, and the strips only test for one type. Lucky me, that seems to be the kind I'm good at making. If they work for you, use 'em. (I HAVE used the sticks successfully to diagnose which foods I need to avoid/add. But for some folks, they're obviously in ketosis and losing well, but the sticks NEVER turn... or they turn, but it seems to have no relation to how well they're losing.)

Yes, the goal is to stay in ketosis. When you are in ketosis, you are burning fat. I'm assuming you're here because you have excess fat to burn (I know I sure do!), so this is what you want to be doing all the time.

It's a much more stable energy-source for your body, which is why you feel so much better when you're in ketosis. It's like stoking your fire with oak logs instead of pine-chips: The chipped pine may burn fast, but it burns QUICK, and then you have to add more. The oak will give you a nice, steady heat all night. (Gee, can you tell it's cold in the room I'm in?)

I stay on induction-level carbs for... a VERY long time. I do, gradually, add in "non-induction" FOODS as sources of those carbs. I really don't deliberately increase my carb-levels. Over the course of months, there'll be times where, say, I realize I've been going salad-crazy... or had a few too many hidden carbs when eating out... or whatever. And so I'll cut back more severely again for a few days, till my sticks are purple and my weight's going on the correct direction again.
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