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Yennie, do watch for carbs in eggs, cream, cream cheese and other dairy products. They are not free foods and you should count them in your daily carb allowance. I know that dairy stalls certain people, so stick with the limits dr Atkins sets for their daily consumption...

Also adding fat does not mean eating enough fat to float a small country. I would start off by just not being afraid of fats or calories and see how that works. You don't have to eat fat bombs or fat coffee necessarily when you are on induction and you are using butter, olive oil, lard and coconut oil in your cooking, sauces and dressings... See how you go first with just the standard version of Induction before adding all sorts of extras. This way you can see how your body reacts to how the programme was written. Then, if this does not show any results in the two weeks, you can start changing one thing at a time till you find what works for you... (this is my suggestion, that's how I found what works for me...)

I would try and avoid protein powders for now, and stick with real foods whilst on induction.

Good luck and have a great weekend! Looking forward to your next update!

Some great Induction foods are:

Rib eye steak/ any beef
Pork belly steak/ any pork
Chicken thighs/ any poultry
Salmon/ any fish or shellfish
Smoked mackerel
Hard cheeses, but limited amounts
Leafy green vegetables
100% meat sausages
Ground meat
heavy cream, but limited
Any kind of animal fat and Olive oil and Coconut oil
onions, but limited amounts; scallions give you more for less carbs
Cream cheese, but limited amounts

Try keeping your diet simple yet delicious, and stick with natural foods for now, you will see some great results, I'm sure! xxx
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