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Thank you for your quick reply. I've been tracking my stuff with a tracker and I'm between 1200 and 1500 calories (not accounting for the ones the program subtracts for exercise), 20 or less carbs, 75 or more protein, 70 or more fat.
Typical meals:
Breakfast - 1-2 eggs cooked in small amount of olive oil +/- 1 slice of paleo bread (1 net carb, 6 carbs total)
Lunch - tuna with mayo wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves as "bread" or egg salad wrapped in romaine lettuce. Sometimes 1 cheese stick.
Dinner - Protein varies between chicken breast, pork, beef, beef roast (we grow a lot of our own meat & will eat that). Side dishes include steamed, roasted or sauteed veggies consisting of broccoli, cauliflower, celery, non-sweet onion, mushrooms with SMALL amounts of parsnips & green beans added in. Exact veggie mix depends on exactly what I have available on any given day.
Snacks - celery with cream cheese, occasional hard boiled egg if not eating egg salad for lunch, cucumbers, pickles
I also usually eat at least one salad with full fat dressing (measured out to ensure it stays within carb limit) a day - romaine lettuce with a sprinkling of cheese, some mushrooms, celery & cucumbers, red peppers.

Any additional info or input greatly appreciated. The only other thing I can figure is different this time is I had the Curves shake last time (20g Protein, 20g carbs but were considered "free" carbs) and I had access to a free gym at the time and worked out 3 days a week with weights and 30 min cardio at my target heart rate. But I've got a bowflex & resistance bands I'm using this time, and walking/jogging on my own so...???

Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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