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After reading about CLA/GLA on the supplement thread for belly fat, I started it. I got the Tonalin CLA from Wally World, and take 4 per day which actually equals about 3.4g of CLA as the 1000mg (1g) capsules aren't 100% CLA. The CLA thread seems to suggest that 3.4g is a minimum dose. I hadn't been counting calories in the supplements. I don't recall the concentration of the GLA but I was taking 4 per day as well.
I've been taking it about 4-5 weeks, I don't recall my exact start date but could dig through my journal to figure it out. I have to say I've noticed zero effects from the supplements. Although I've lost a few pounds since starting the supplements, my waist measurements have remained unchanged in the time since starting them. They're not terribly expensive but I dislike swallowing bit pills so I will likely discontinue once I'm out of this batch.
I was hoping to be one of those who saw dramatic reductions in stomach fat. I seem to be losing from everywhere but the belly. From the front, I am looking pretty good. From the side...well, lets just say there is a reason all my pics are front views!

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