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Ignorance is bliss - I don't count the calories in my supplements. Presumably wasn't detrimental for me!!

I rarely eat four times in a day so I usually have 3x1000mg over three meals. That plus the need to consume with some fat is why I don't bother to take them on DDs.

Because I wasn't aware of the potential effect on appetite, I wasn't looking out for it. I certainly hadn't noticed anything as significant as some of the ptero people. With hindsight though, I often find I've only eaten about 1100calories by 10pm on UDs, so maybe there is something in it.

Whether the CLA helped with the belly fat or it was purely JUDDD I have no way of proving. I can confidently say, however, that exercise played no part whatsoever in my new shape, as I've necessarily been a couch potato for most of the year.

Anyway, I'm playing safe and I've ordered 200 more capsules today. The previous 200 lasted 6 months.
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