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There is just such a wide spread in the carb levels folks are able to eat within that still completely qualify them all as eating *low carb*.. and even that term doesn't seem to have any official number. Is a level of 85 low carb? What about 100? Is 150 daily carbs still legitimately within the low carb range of eating. For many, it most assuredly is. And even higher.

Beans are called one of the 'resistant starch foods' and are considered to be beneficial for most people. Here's an example of current thought: "..........Resistant starch is a starch which goes largely undigested by the body. Resistant starches are believed to aid in the maintenance of blood sugar levels, digestion management, as well as maintaining regularity of the bowels and weight loss;management.........."

Resistant starch foods slow down the digestion of the meal, holding down insulin spikes, promote the growth of healthful bacteria in the gut (beans, beans.. the magical fruit..) and much of the actual starch in these foods is not actually digested well nor turned into 'sugar' in the body.

I certainly enjoy beans as one of the wide variety of foods I include in my diet. In fact, it's getting to that time of year when we'll be making big pots of ham and bean soup with lots of big ham chunks and lots of kinds of beans in it! This post is reminding me of that! Yum!
Best wishes, Pat
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