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Originally Posted by rubidoux View Post
One thing that makes it better, though, is that it's not an all or nothing thing. Last time around I lost 40 pounds (I'm about 20 up from that now) and I felt absolutely great at about 170, where I got down to. That's nowhere near my goal (I'm 5'0"), but after you've been at 215, 170 is like heaven and I looked leaps and bounds better and clothes were already feeling more fun. It's not like you have to wait till your ultimate goal to celebrate.
I've lost only half the weight that I want to lose, but it's over 50 pounds over the course of a year (just a 5 days from my 1-year lowcarb anniversary ). Though I had stalls and months where I lost no more than a pound, my weight did go down over time--and I'm way better off than where I was 1 year ago. If I went from a size 6 to a size 14, I'd feel huge--but since I moved from a plus size 24 to a regular size 14, I feel pretty darn good about how I feel and look. I plan to keep eating lowcarb and healthy for the rest of my life (and hopefully slowly get smaller along the way, since I've never been a fast loser and can't change that, no matter what I do).
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