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do I need to count carbs???

I'm slowly venturing over to paleo/primal from atkins. I started atkins aug 2010 and did very well. then at the end of that year I had surgery, then things went really bad then another surgery and basically my 2011 sucked. so I'm back on track now, (started back to atkins dec. 26th). however I've been very drawn to paleo/primal and am currently reading a few of the more popular books.

I'm having trouble though. I have the Everyday Paleo cookbook (looks awesome) but no nutrition guides. I'm stuck in the 20 carbs or less mentality (as I do have at least 30 pounds to lose) and just not sure if I really need to keep track while adhering to the paleo/primal way of eating....

I know to really limit fruits at this point but is there a magic number of carbs?

does this make sense, what I"m asking? lol
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