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If this diet works, are there forums specifically dedicated to it, to discuss and promote it, by people who use this diet or WOE long term?

I haven't read the diet, but I don't see how this would be any different than people who eat thier whole days worth of food in one sitting, even if they are doing LC.

The problems that I see; that you should verify are explained away by the diet include:
(a) The amount of insulin that is released in response to glucose entering into your blood stream, will be more than minimal, and will trigger the storage of fats in your blood stream, and will halt the flow of fats flowing out of you fat cells.

(b) This may kick you into and out of ketosis on a daily basis or so depending on how many carbs you handle to remain in keto. Normally when going into keto, you loose a lot of water, and vitamins and minerals along with it. If you are going in an out repeatedly, I imagine you would have to watch your water and sodium/magnesium/potassium/calcium baances carefully?
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