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Sam, I'm no expert but I think I've seen figures of up to a month for your body to adjust. I know for me it wasn't that long but I only weigh once a week (OK sometimes twice ) so most weeks I see a loss or at least holding even, excluding Christmas/New Year and the week after DDs birthday party (LC leftover cakes - way too many ).

Thursday info for me:-
B:- yogurt with PP, HWC & raspberries
L:- Taco salad
S:- s/f chocolate bar
D:- 'Mom's Crazy Cabbage' casserole, 1st time making this & it was delicious (LindaSue recipe of course ) + 1oz cheddar cheese as I was still hungry

UB weights workout all @ 10kg (22lbs):- chest fly (3x12); chest press (3x12); skull breakers (3x12); tricep kickback combos (2x12 + 1x10); and bicep curl to shoulder press combos (3x8). This is a new high weight for the tri & bicep exercises, hence the lower reps. My elliptical machine is back in working order too . I wore out the resistance strap and had to wait over a week for the replacement one to arrive from across country . So I was able to do 10min warm up, 2min cardio between circuit sets & 6min cooldown on my elliptical. Then did my standard yoga/stretch routine.

Spent some time looking at the local library catalog on-line today (quiet @ work) and have reserved lots of exercise/lifting books and a few exercise/fitness for kids books too. No time like the present to get DD more involved in fitness . Will have a better look & pick out the best ones Saturday morning so I'll have lots of reading to do over the next few weeks.
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