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Seeing as I'm a day in front I guess I should post Tuesday's to be starting the same day as everyone else .

Tuesday 01/19/10:-

B:- Mushroom Omelete
L:- Creamy Red Coleslaw (from Atkins for Life) and sauted chicken thigh fillet
D:- Chorizo sausage with zuchini, pumpkin & mushrooms; HWC, cocoa powder & liquid splenda whipped up for desert as I was still hungry.

E:- fasted UB weights workout in the morning; cycling to/from work (just over 5mile round trip while the car is in for repairs); Pilates DVD which I am feeling today as I haven't done it in a long time.

Just to record what my UP weights workout entails atm. I do one set (= 12 reps) of each exercise kind of like a circuit with a couple minutes cardio between circuits and total of 3 circuits. I also ususally warm up 10min on my elliptical and cool down 5 minutes, however it is out of action atm awaiting a replacement part. So for the moment I'm doing 10min latin aerobics warm up and using my rebounder for in between cardio. I also do a yoga/streching sequence after both weight & HIIT workouts.

Current exercises & weight for UB workout:-
10kg / 22#
Chest Fly
Chest Press
Scull Breaker
Tricep kickbacks
front & side lat raises
bicep curls to shoulder press
Luv & Happiness Always, Ozdancer


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