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Thanks everyone for the encouragement & sorry so slow replying - I have been really busy and haven't been on-line much!

I really like JUDDD so far, I started last Tuesday on an up day, but have only done 4 DDs so far (2 UDs at the weekend because of things on!). Despite being quite loose but low carb on UDs I am losing, over 5 lbs in a bit over a week which is great! I am travelling for St Patricks weekend (a big holiday here) so am going to stick to low carb but not try to do an DD.

My plan is to get into a strict rotation after that to get the full benefit. I don't find DD hard at all when I am at work. I love the fact that I don't have to be strict every day! I actually don't find much difference in willpower required between limiting to 1,400 and 500 - 700!

I did lose my money (cost plus postage), I was really annoyed! Thanks for info on not needing shakes, I have started to mix in food.

The information and encouragement on this site is great!

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