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I am now on day 5 of JUDDD and it is going really well. I have actually lost 5 pounds (weighting after 2nd DD - may not last), which is amazing having stayed about the same for the last 3 - 4 weeks! What I have realised from monitoring calories is that I was eating close to a maintenance level of calories in my low carb regime! It so easy to add calories I find.
It is great to learn that maybe I am not amazingly resistant to weight loss, but that I was just eating too much!

I have stuck to lowish carb - c. 20 - 40 carbs in UD without obsessing. I am one of those people who doesn't really crave bread etc. as long as I have tasty substitutes. I don't feel great after carbs.....Also, I would be afraid of losing the run I have had since January which is a record for me of not binging on high carb foods!


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