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Originally Posted by AsmallerME View Post
Dee - I also started Atkins in January and lost 20 pounds on it. But then I stalled for a few weeks and was getting discouraged. I switched to JUDDD but stayed on atkins carb levels. I didn't really change anything that I was already eating, I just started calorie counting and cycling per my up day and down day calorie numbers.

Once I started doing this, the weight immediately started to drop. In fact, I've lost 8 pounds since starting about 8 days ago!! I also have a lot to lose and am so happy that I switched to LC/JUDDD.

Nothing with JUDDD says it's only for the final weight loss push or for eating higher carbs. The beauty of the plan is that you can eat whatever you wish and do JUDDD. GL!
way to go you!!!!
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