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Originally Posted by dogman View Post
Beezer,About a year ago I was reading a book "Cholesterol Control Without Diet!" by William B. Parsons Jr
I thought at the time I had found the secret weapon to my long standing problem of high triglycerides and low HDL, NIACIN.

Imagined my dismay when I went to the doctor's office only to be told that things were worse! My trigs were 385 and I thought I was doing all the right things, like you are.
I can't blame you for trying something in the hopes of being healthy.
I'd be willing to bet that a lifetime of high carb consumption would "gum-up" a lot of things including thyroids. My wife also has hypothyroid problems... her weight is finally coming off due to LC lifestyle.
I noticed you're a vegetarian? I hope you're not doing it for health reasons but for ethical reasons.Vegetarians have no advantage over barbarian meat eaters like me.
Hope you have success.
No, not a vegetarian anymore. I became a meat-eating low carber in June of this year. I'm sorry if I didn't make it clear that I've been eating a clean low carb diet since June of this year.

I'm eating a clean low carb diet that includes unprocessed meat, eggs, dairy, a few low-carb vegetables and salads and occasionally an unsweetened frozen strawberry or blueberry. I prepare everything I eat.

So I expect my HDL to perhaps go up even a little more. My triglicerides were 63.

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