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Got my blood results back today too

Total chol - 330 (Dr. says is really bad)
Triglycerides -- 61
HDL -- 111
LDL -- 207 (Dr. says is really bad)

My sugar, liver, thyroid, Vitamin D, white blood count, sodium - ALL NORMAL

My ratios:
1. Total cholesterol divided by HDL should be below 4 (mine is 2.97)

2. LDL divided by HDL should be below 3 (mine is 1.86)

She wanted to put me on a cholesterol lowering statin immediately - I told them I would not do it. (this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've refused) I think using some flush free Niacin, odorless garlic and more exercise will help enormously. I had taken a big break from Atkins and was eating whatever I wanted within reason except for about the past month when I have gotten back with it.

What do you guys think - does it look really bad like the Dr. says??
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