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I saw the movie Food Inc. and watched Forks over Knives last night with my DD and her BF. the BF was blown over. He is convinced he wants to do the Plant-based Program. My DD is vegan and I started 3 weeks ago. My DH will eat what I cook for him.

I recently read The China Study, Dr Neal Barnard's Program to Reverse Diabetes without Drugs, Dr Essylton's Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Engine 2 Diet, My Beef with Meat and amd now reading Whole by Campbell. I lent the China Study and its cookbook to my DD's BF because he was so excited and is a chef. I explained how easy it would be to create vegan dinners and offer a meat entree for those patrons that want it.

I made some soy tempeh sauteed with celery, onions, mushrooms, low sodiumsoy sauce and poultry seasoning, it was better than tofurkey and we knew what was in it. I did a cauliflower riced with corn, edamame, carrots, red peppers, curry powder, soy sauce and chick peas. It too was a big hit. I made stuffing with Ezekiel raisin bread and veggies. Accompanied by sweet potatoes, broccoli florets, big salad, black olives, home made cranberry sauce (w/stevia) and 1/2 turkey breast for the two meat eaters. Everyone was happy with the results.

I changed to this plant based food because I don't want to harm any more animals and for my health. My two doctors are vegan, my DD, my brother, and my niece. I thought I would miss it. The hardest thing was cleaning the pan, the turkey roasted in because it sid smell good. Maybe next year we won'thave to cook the meat at all.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone


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