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I became a vegetarian as a child without any impetus from knowledge of the food industry and (lol!) have stayed away from a lot of the materials on the subject because I am so darn squeamish, but a book I recently read that I really loved was Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

I think I loved the book because his conclusion jibes with my own world view that an individual should basically "do their best" within their means and abilities - that the humane labeling system even is not perfect etc and ones ability to eat humanely may not be perfect, but that every bit one does "counts". I am a huge believer that we are all "works-in-progress".

On a more practical note, this book opened my eyes to the agricultural practices involving dairy - cows and egg-laying chickens - and has changed my purchasing habits 100%. Thankfully, the thought of eating meat or poultry makes me physically ill. In the perfect world, I would give up my occasional fish too and be a vegan. I am just not there yet.

great great book - worth reading -

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