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Originally Posted by Desert-Rose7 View Post
And also, there is this point. Why is the most important person in your life criticizing your wish to be a better you, a healthier you. I was married to a CPA tax attorney for many years, a frugal man to the very end, but never never never did he ever criticize or pontificate on the cost of food, or healthy activities. If someone truly loves you, then the efforts you make to become a healthier you are worthy of praise - and certainly not worth the nickel and diming of your attempt.

If money is tight, well then, that is a fact of life. Make sacrifices elsewhere to work the program, that is, if the program is truly important to you. I read constantly in this forum of the sacrifices people are making so that they can work the program. For myself, I made a lot of financial changes to make the program work. I had to. I was displaced from my job in January of last year, barely a month after beginning the program. I gave up going to movies, eating out, pared my grocery list down to the bare essentials, walked and found ways to exercise that did not involve spending $$$. I lived on my savings, my severance, and unemployment and made the program work.

And I did nothing that others have not done as well. You really have to want this, this program and all that it entails, and want to work it successfully, following all the instructions. If this is all too much for you, then this is just not the program for you.

It most certainly is not my intention to hurt anyone's feelings, or cause embarrassment or upset. It IS my intention to point out, clearly, how important your health is, and how important you are as a person in your own right. If this program is meant for you, then you will know in your heart that it is, and will make the commitment necessary to make it work.

...and I am getting off my soapbox now...I was fortunate enough to be called back to my job in September...and I have to get ready for work.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, wishing love and friendship to all of you each day of your life.

It is also a cost vs value thing. My clinic was awful, and I did not have a good experience with the staff at all. I got 90% of what I needed from this board as far as following the plan. Only thing I got at the clinic was to step on the scale, meet the "staff of the week" and get the prescription. Had I had a better experience, I may be more willing to rack up the credit card debt to make it work again, but well, the clinic wasn't holding up their end of the bargain. All of my medical numbers are good, aside from the number on the scale. I requested to meet with the Dr at my clinic to discuss the long term effects of this diet, to see if anyone has had any real long term success, and I was denied access to the Dr. I was given excuses and shooed out the door. When I stopped the program (had a cancer scare) I also asked to meet with the Dr and was not able to do so.

Then of course, is the constant argument going through my head, that any diet in which you consume 500-800 calories a day and take a handful of pills is actually "good" for you. I did not re-join the plan because I think it is the healthies way to lose weight. I see and understand that a very low calorie diet laced with amphetamine appetite suppresants and a hand full of vitamins is something we do when we are desperate. And I was desperate. And it works. In the short term at least for quick weight loss. It does make you think about long term damage to your metabolism, about how you could possibly maintain a weight loss once you go back to a normal caloric intake. There is a reason people hide this diet from their friends and families, and that reason is nagging common sense.

You cannot deny that from all of the people that come and go on these boards (and several people that I know in the real world, even the one who referred me to the clinic) MOST people are not successful at making it to the maintenance phase and keeping the weight off. Of all of the hundreds of people that come and gone on this board,just in the months I have been here, only a handful have been successful. Out of my friends that go to the clinic, none have kept the weight off. Not even one.

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