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I read an obesity study not long ago that said we are currently gaining approximately 10 lbs each per year at our present life style. I just could not wrap my mind around that until I compared my weight before I started Medi to what it was in July 2004. I remember that time because I had actually gotten down to 195 on Weight Watchers. When I went in for my annual physical in October 2009, I weighed 247lbs. That is about 10lbs per year. Wow, talk about a reality check.
I stopped going to WW because my daughter was going off to college that fall and we were buying her extra clothes and looking at paying for tuition, housing, sorority, etc. Not having that weekly accountability and venue for talking out your weight issues began to take its toll. One pizza lead to another and eventually I was 247lbs.
I know choosing to go with Medi is a strain on the finances, but there is not another plan I have found that helps you loose a large amount of weight as quickly and healthfully as Medi does.
And you get to talk to all these wonderful people on this site who are going through the same things you are night and day and are willing to share their love, encouragement and a strong, guiding hand when you need it.
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