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Originally Posted by MEDIMIMI View Post
Susie, my other half is constantly putting it into a cost per pound ratio. Over the summer on Medi I lost a total of 23 pounds in 11 weeks. He added in supplements, ketosticks etc and it ended up costing roughly $41 per pound. I need to lose about 40 pounds now, so at the rate I lost before, I am looking at $1650ish. (which is a lot, but honestly worth it if I could get there an keep it off) I failed at the keeping it off part, I never got to maintenance.

You are doing much better at about $36 per pound. lol.

I have never tried Nutrisystem, because I have heard the food is icky. I have tried Medifast (had some success, but felt sick all the time) and I have failed and succeeded at WW many times over the years. My problem is less of a "losing" problem and more of an inability to keep it off. ANd when I gain it all back, I end up higher then when I started.

Perhaps if you had gone through the maintenance part of the program you would have been more successful in keeping it off.

For me the keys to success in maintenance (which also apply to the acute phase) are...

1. Incorporating this WOE as a lifestyle. I still only eat low glycemic carbs and only have starches such as potatoes, pasta, ..., once in a great while. If I have a potato, I scoop most of the inside out.

2. I try to keep a positive, empowered attitude and know that I am the only one in control of me. I don't focus on what I have given up, I focus on the life I have reclaimed and I love it! My glass is half full, not half empty.

3. I am proactive in my weightloss journey and if I have a question or a need I actively seek it out through my clinic. I ask questions instead of going home with unanswered questions and doubts.

4. I am and was committed to the program, drinking their water, journaling, and staying in ketosis. These are key ingredients to success. I can not stress enough how important journaling is to your journey. Journaling creates awareness, accountability, and history that can help you in determining which foods work and which foods do not work, especially in transitional periods. When you do not journal you can get sloppy and this WOL loses its effectiveness.

5. I take responsibility for my actions. I own them and go right back on program. One slip does not cause a setback. Dwelling on guilt and denial can only bring bigger demise. Forgiveness is key. One indiscrestion will not effect your journey, so I let it stop at that. Lack of forgiveness can lead to multiple indescretions.

6. Taking control. I will not let 5 pounds turn into 10. I will seek help before that becomes an issue.

7. It is a choice that requires long term motivation that will get me through those stressful and temptation filled times. For me the motivation is feeling great, knees that no longer ache, going off medications I have been on for years, the attention I get from my husband, the feeling of sliding on a size 8 pair of jeans, being able to do activities that were physically off limits for years.

The looks I get from my husband are far more delicious than any food I have ever tasted!
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