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My clinic told me that they would accept my blood panel if done within 30 days. I visited my Dr and had my full blood panel (make sure it is complete!) and an EKG before my visit. My insurance paid for those through my Dr, but wouldn't pay if done through Medi (so says my insurance). That saved me $25. The nice part of having your Dr do both, is that when you have another Dr visit, she will have records from before you started to see how you are doing.
My thought process on the cost - Is this something I could do on my own? YES. Will I do it on my own? NOT Likely. I tell friends I needed adult supervision! So, while the cost may seem high, the results will be worth it.
MEDIMIMI - Your other half needs to understand that not all things in life can be broken down to cost per ratio. How does he measure happiness, love, health or joy? Those are some of the things I value most. Those are also some of the things, for me, that will be enhanced as these pounds come off. Walking farther and more often with my dog, getting my hip pain to subside, being able to have more stamina and energy, feeling less like an anchor so I am comfortable sailing again, those are all immeasurables for me.
Having his wife live longer, healthier and happier, how much per pound is that worth?
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