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Susie, my other half is constantly putting it into a cost per pound ratio. Over the summer on Medi I lost a total of 23 pounds in 11 weeks. He added in supplements, ketosticks etc and it ended up costing roughly $41 per pound. I need to lose about 40 pounds now, so at the rate I lost before, I am looking at $1650ish. (which is a lot, but honestly worth it if I could get there an keep it off) I failed at the keeping it off part, I never got to maintenance.

You are doing much better at about $36 per pound. lol.

I have never tried Nutrisystem, because I have heard the food is icky. I have tried Medifast (had some success, but felt sick all the time) and I have failed and succeeded at WW many times over the years. My problem is less of a "losing" problem and more of an inability to keep it off. ANd when I gain it all back, I end up higher then when I started.

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