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Originally Posted by Charski View Post
I'm with ya, Debbie - I've wrecked a few things with too much gluc or other fibers!

Thanks for the feedback on the semolina experiment. I'm gonna just substitute the semolina for the coconut flour, but use 1 tablespoon, and then 3 of gluc and 5 of oat fiber - and see what it turns out like. I really want to like this recipe, it's so easy and versatile
I hear ya , I want to like this pasta too. The pasta looks so pretty coming out of the pasta maker. My last batch I did use 1 Tbsp of semolina and only 3 T glucomman, didn't help, still slimey.

I am thinking of old school, remember when we only had crepe eggs we cut into noodles? what if we use 3 wholes eggs, whites and all, bump up the coconut flour to 4 tsp and maybe only 1 T of glucomann. I don't know if it would be thick enough ???

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