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TJ! I'm a turtle too! I find it's not just the fact of an UUAD, but also the choices...I'm sure if I had 3000 calories of lettuce ( ) then that would be different from what usually happens to me on an UUAD (which I won't mention here )

I do know that the weight is mostly water, and it's just your body fighting you on wanting to give it up. Your body wants to stay as it is, it's scared to lose fat, or change anything... you have to be gentle with yourself, and kind to yourself, and coax that weight to come off, promising yourself and happiness, and it will happen. Better slow than not at all.

I'm personally fighting to get back down to the weight in my sig-- i was 4+ up, then 3, and now about 2lbs up... but I know when I get back to that number, I'll blow past it to a new low, and then lower and lower... slowly, but we WILL GET THERE!!!

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