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I be the donuts are greasy and stale already. you can go get a nice fresh one tomorrow if you still want one.

The thing is, by tomorrow, you probably won't even want it.

Also-- (this is tough b/c you know I care)-- the scale was rough, I believe, b/c you had some UUAD this week already, if I'm not wrong (and I very well could be)... so having a *bad* DD won't help that at all, and will only be adding insult to injury.

However if you have a great DD today, you will feel AWESOME in 2 ways-- physically, b/c you'll lose some water, at the very least... and mentally, b/c you will CONQUER that little demon that is taking you off your track.

If you really want one of THOSE items, take it, bag/wrap it, and put it in a fridge/freezer somewhere. It will be there for you tomorrow (or something even better).

Find some yummy tea or coffee, or just fill up with a ton of water.... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

and S.
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