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Originally Posted by SlowSure View Post
These might already be apparent to you but I'll toss in some more:

HWC = heavy whipping cream (more like double cream for people in UK)
FF = fat free
SF = sugar free
AS = alternative sweetener (can also be appetite suppressant depending on context)
BB = bone broth
PS = potato starch
PH = potato hack
PDD = potato down day
PHD = perfect health diet (several JUDDDers do this approx. )
BTF = Ouizoid's famous Better Than Flour in recipes section of main LCF board (renamed BTF from Fantastic Flour)
gluc = glucomannan
IYSWIM = if you see what I mean
NSV = non-scale victories (see the lovely thread for these)
Just looked through the BTF thread - wow! Never knew about that one either!
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