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Originally Posted by bkm View Post
Is there a place where various acronyms are posted? or could someone explain them? I can sometimes (maybe) figure out some, but others leave me baffled...

Not that I know of. But I'd be interested to know if there is somewhere. Each WOE seems to have their own lingo...

Like what does UUAD stand for (Up, Up and Away Day????) - etc.

UUAD = Up, up and away day --> Got that one!
WOE = way of eating
UD = Up day
DD = Down day
EOD = Every other day
IF = Intermittent fasting
BMR = Basal metabolic rate
TDEE = Total daily energy expenditure
KWIM = Know what I mean
KUTGW = Keep up the good work
YMMV = Your mileage may vary
IIRC = If I recall correctly

Not sure if there are any specific ones you're wondering about...

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