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Thanks for the detailed review, JJJ'sMom. Will be very interested in what it does to your blood sugar levels, so please update us when you can.

I did write to customer service, asking if I could purchase a small sample amount, as I have had severe reactions to several sugar alternatives, and don't want to get stuck again with a large, expensive amount of useless product. As Char suggested, I did explain that as a food service professional, I'd be happy to leave a candid review on the most informative site on the web for all things low carb. When the message wa submitted, it said I could expect a response by the next business day.

Five days later, it would appear they've chosen to ignore my customer service form/request. No response whatsoever.

Doesn't give me the warm-and-fuzzies that they're confident about their product not causing gastric problems. Of course, it could just mean that they have lousy customer "service." Who knows? Either way, not good.

In any case, if they ever do respond, I'll update here. But I'm not holding my breath.
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