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Anyone else become a clothes horse since losing weight?

I used to hate clothes shopping with a passion and now I can't seem to stop. I replaced most of my summer wardrobe last September, but went down another size since then and had to buy all smaller pants. Then the cold weather came and I needed new ski clothing and coats and long johns (I'm a poster child for LL Bean when I go outside). Then I decided my clothes really looked kind of "youngish" for my age, so I've been replacing some of the jeans and tank tops with blazers and dress pants. Can't seem to get out of a store anymore without buying something to wear. I justify it by telling myself that the stuff was all marked down. When the total $ spent got high enough to make me feel guilty about it, I switched to thrift stores.

I think I'm building a costly wardrobe as "incentive" not to gain the weight back again. And, so far, it's working... I gained 2 lbs. over night from salty foods last week and felt sheer panic at the thought of outgrowing all those new clothes!
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