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Jumping Back on the Wagon!

I'm jumping back on the wagon! Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary on low-carb, although, I haven't been eating low-carb for about a month now. And boy do I feel it.

The whole reason I stopped eating low-carb was health related (Headaches, dizzy, nauseous, neck/base of my skull hurt, my vision would "go-out", abdomen was tender to the touch and was red in the area that hurt and I couldn't think. I would be doing something, and I would honestly forget what I was doing!) and I definitely thought that all these symptoms/signs were related to eating low-carb. But they aren't as I'm still having some of them.

I lost 50 pounds in 5 months and then the weight loss stopped!! as did the inches coming off. I'm so confused as to what I should be eating. How many calories? How many grams of carbs, fat, protein? Ugh. My mind is spinning.

Here's to the rest of my life. One day at a time. One moment at a time. One choice at a time.

My plan of action:

Eat induction safe foods!
Eat 65/25/5
Eat 20-30 TOTAL grams of carbs (15-20 from veggies, 5-10 from dairy/eggs)
Drink more water. 64-100oz per day. No excuses.
Begin to be more active!!!
Believe that I deserve to be happy and healthy. That I AM WORTHY!
No self-sabotaging.

Any insight/knowledge/tips etc would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for the support! We can do this
Goal 1: 190
Goal 2: 175
Goal 3: 160
Goal 4: 145
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