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I know you know what you are talking about, and I want to believe you about bouncing, but is the following normal/expected? I mean, up and down 1 lb every day for this long?

30-Nov UD morning 1623 cals 150.6
1-Dec DD morning 618 cals 151.2
2-Dec UD morning 2081 cals 150.2 (pizza for lunch)
3-Dec DD morning 589 cals 151.5
4-Dec UD morning 1755 cals 150.5
5-Dec DD morning 541 cals 151.8
6-Dec UD morning ??? 150.4

Each weight is first thing in the morning. So, as you can see, after every DD, I lose 1 lb., and after every UD, I gain 1 lb. Just wondering if I'm being too impatient, or I need to change something.
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